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The Rochford Project Crimson Seed

Jumping into an E-liquid review today (for a pleasant change) and this is Crimson Seed by The Rochford Project. This is one of the two latest flavours released last year. The Rochford Project is a UK brand and you can check out the range on the website, which are mostly fruity dessert-based flavours.

Most of the flavours have been reviewed in the past here on the blog and are some of the most unique great-tasting E-liquids out there. When I heard one of the newer flavours was a Strawberry Jam Tart, I jumped on the site to order a bottle in. So let’s check it out.

The Packaging

Crimson Seed by The Rochford Project is supplied in a 60ml Chubby Gorilla clear bottle with 50ml of E-liquid. As usual, this shortfill gives you room to add a 10ml Nicotine shot. It has a non-leaky safety Black screw cap that seals the top. A black label wraps the bottle. Printed on the front of the label in a Silver swirly font are the brand and flavour title. Underneath is a printed brief flavour description.

The reverse of the label is again printed in the Silver font. At the top is printed ‘Made in England Hand Crafted since 2016’. Underneath is printed E-liquid warnings, ingredients and contact/social media info for The Rochford Project. At the bottom are warning graphics, best before date and batch number.

As always from The Rochford Project, labelling is nicely presented in a minimal way, looking more of a premium end of the E-liquid market.

The E-liquid

On the Rochford Project website, Crimson Seed is described as a “Delicious shortcrust pastry filled to the top with homemade sweet strawberry jam”. The base ratio of the E-liquid is 70VG/30PG. I noticed as the juice steeped more, it appeared with a more green tinge to it. This is purely the flavourings used in the juice and hasn’t been dyed in any way.

On having a smell from the bottle, it’s mostly a fresh deep real Strawberry Jam. There is a slight pastry smell in the background. You can tell from the smell that it is a very strong flavoured juice and that Jam really sticks out on the scent.

Device used: Voopoo Drag 3 and Wotofo Profile RDA with 0.4 Clapton build.

The Flavour

On the vape, Crimson seed is a great rendition of a good quality Jam Tart. On the inhale, it is a very deep fresh Strawberry Jam, it is almost like you can taste the thickness on the mouthfeel. Sitting alongside and leading out more into the exhale is a moist-tasting Pastry base. The Pastry is rich but doesn’t overtake the Jam and is a perfect mix of both of the key flavours.

Within the vape, I also pick up on the Strawberry leafiness. The green leaf part at the top of a Strawberry sits in the background giving a very fresh Strawberry taste within the mix. That might also explain the slight Green tinge when looking at the E-liquid.

While vaping this for a while, I found that it tastes quite similar to Supergood’s Butter 02 E-liquid. To me, it seems like similar Jams and Pastry flavours used. That said, I think this Crimson Seed is a better flavour. This seems more rounded and more of a fuller taste. It is a sweet juice with heavy jam and a rich pastry, but a very moreish smooth vape. It wouldn’t be an all-day vape for me as I prefer a more muted flavour for a constant vape, but it is most definitely something to pick up in-between. Your coils may not like it after a while, but your palette won’t be able to get enough of the taste.

Crimson Seed is another top E-liquid from The Rochford Project and for me, sits up there with the heights of their Lemon Lush flavour. Jay at The Rochford Project has his Dessert range absolutely nailed down and are definitely among the best on the market. After vaping this Crimson Seed, it made me think that I’d love to see a good ol’ English Cream Tea flavour because I think The Rochford Project could do an amazing job on one.

My score: 9.2/10 – A full of flavour traditional fresh English Jam Tart! An absolute perfect mix.

To pick up a bottle (or 8) of Crimson Seed, head over to The Rochford Project. If you haven’t tried any of the other flavours, grab a bottle of each and thank me later.

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