Luxe Nano and SKRR-S Mini Tank by Vaporesso

Vaporesso Luxe Nano Kit

A hardware review today and I’m going to be looking at the Luxe Nano kit by Vaporesso. They are a big manufacturing brand in vaping, producing some quality Mods, tanks and pod systems. This kit was supplied directly from Vaporesso who are based out of China, but you’ll find their products in any decent vape shop online.

The Luxe Nano follows the popular ‘Luxe’. This time making it smaller and adopting the use of an internal battery, as opposed to external 18650’s on the original Luxe. The original SKRR tank has also been shortened, making this an SKRR-S Mini tank to match this smaller Luxe mod.

So let’s have a look at how it comes, what’s in the box and how the mod and tank vape!

The Packaging

Luxe Nano Kit BoxThe Luxe Nano kit is supplied in a small rectangle tough cardboard box with an inner and outer box, that pulls up from the top. The box is in a Royal Blue colour. On the top of the box is the ‘Luxe Nano with SKRR-S Mini Tank’ title in white. Underneath in a large picture is the Luxe Nano mod with the tank on top. The colour of the mod on the box is the colour that is supplied inside (at least I assume as I just have the one kit).

At the bottom of the front and under the mod picture is a white small panel with the ‘V’ logo. This folds over to the bottom side, almost looking a charging cable plugged into the Luxe Nano image.

This little panel bends round to the bottom side. Below that is the printed text ‘Power in your pocket’ in a White font. The left side of the box is blank and the right side simply has ‘Vaporesso’ printed in White. The top side of the box has a square White panel with Vaporesso’s Instagram name printed inside it.

The bottom of the box (the inner carton) is White and includes a lot of printed text. Under the title of the mod and tank, is a paragraph by Vaporesso explaining the Luxe Nano kit. I especially liked a part of the description of the tank; “guarantees an exquisite experience by keeping cold drafts out“. Below is a specification of the Mod and Tank and lists what comes supplied in the box (which we’ll look at next). Printed under this is details of the manufacturer including contact details and Vaporesso’s web address.

Also printed are the usual warning graphics on E-Cigarettes and the batch number. To the right is a small panel including the bar-code and the colour of the Luxe Nano kit inside. The top outer carton of the box simply slips off to reveal inside the box. The bottom side of the White inner carton is printed social media icons and Vaporesso’s web address.

What’s in the box?

Inside the inner box, in a plastic moulded packing, is the main Luxe Nano unit and the SKRR-S Mini tank (not attached to the mod) on top. This lifts out to reveal a box underneath. This includes all the spares and accessories for the kit. The accessories box has a small opening which houses a spare glass for the tank.

Inside this box is a spare QF Mesh coil of 0.2 ohm resistance. This is a spare coil as there is a QF strip coil of 0.15 already installed in the SKRR-S tank.

There is also the pretty nifty looking Vaporesso ‘quick charge’ cable and user manual. The manual is a multi-language booklet and does a good job detailing how to run the Luxe Nano and briefly showing how to fill the tank.

There is also a little bag in the box which includes a lot of o-rings in a few different colours. A black Vaporesso vape band is included too which is handy if you’re in the ‘vape band’ gang.

A little black envelope is also included titled with the Vaporesso logo. Inside the envelope is the warranty leaflet for the product.

Luxe Nano Mod

Vaporesso Luxe Nano ModThe Luxe Nano is a small device measuring in at 8cm high, 5cm wide and 3cm depth (without the tank attached). It’s very light in weight and fits perfectly in the average sized hand. It powers via an internal battery rated at 2500mAh. The Luxe Nano is a touchscreen mod and is adjusted by touching the function buttons under the main screen, which is the ‘V’ logo and two dots each side. Above the screen on the front is ‘Vaporesso’ and ‘Luxe Nano’ which lights up with the device. At the bottom of the front is the USB charge port.

On the back of the device is a colourful design which is different depending on what colour mod you have. My Luxe Nano is in Rainbow and the front and back of the unit are in a light blue, with the reverse design in an array of colour.

The sides of the Luxe Nano are smooth with the contour following the shape and a quite large fire button sits on the top right side. On the bottom is a vent for the internal battery and the Vaporesso branding. The top is obviously the 510 port for the tank which is in the centre.Β  It is a really smooth, nice looking device.

The board used in the Luxe Nano is the Onmi board 4.2 with multiple protections, as claimed by Vaporesso. The mod can fire up to 80W and can run a resistance of 0.03 to 5 ohms. It boasts an insta-fire of 0.002 seconds and also has a charging pass-through function. It is 5 clicks of the fire button to power the unit on or off, and 3 clicks to unlock the device. You can access the menu screen by clicking the ‘V’ touch-button 3 times. There is a bit of clicking on the fire button and touchscreen going on here, but it saves accidentally changing settings on the device.

The Luxe Nano has a large menu system. There are the wattage, voltage, temp control and coil type settings which are easy to navigate and set. You can also change all the system settings which cover the time and date, brightness, puff counter (easy to reset), Screen timeout time, Key-light and a vibrate feature.

The display screen is 1.3″ TFT colour screen and is quite impressive. All the details are on the screen nicely laid out. There is a graphic in the middle showing your current vaping setting. Underneath, are current ohms of the Atomiser attached, puffs taken, voltage and puff timer. Above the main graphic are battery level and the current time. On-screen standby, you then are shown the current time and date which covers the full screen.

Charge time for the Luxe Nano is claimed at 1.5 hours.

SKRR-S Mini Tank

Vaporesso SKRR-S Mini TankThe SKRR-S Mini sub ohm tank is a smaller predecessor to the SKRR-S tank that was released for the larger Vaporesso Luxe. There are two versions of SKRR-S Mini, both the same but different capacity. The standard is 3.5ml and a 2ml capacity made for the EU market, to fit in with current TRPR laws. Obviously, this just affects the glass supplied on and with the tanks.

The tank is a 23mm diameter and measures a height of 50mm with the removable drip tip (the TPD version will be a bit shorter). It has an adjustable bottom airflow that simply turns to set to your requirement. E-liquid is re-filled by unscrewing the top part of the tank, lifting off to reveal the fill hole.

There are a couple of different coil options that Vaporesso have set up with this tank. Both options are supplied with the tank. There is the QF Strip coil rated at 0.15 ohm that is pre-installed. The strip design claims evenly heated and long-lasting coils.

The other coil (which is a replacement in the box) is the QF Meshed coil rated at 0.2 ohms, which again claims even heating and rich flavour production. Both coils are large with plenty of wicking holes. The SKRR-S Mini has a good looking design with simply ‘Vaporesso’ printed on the top in a White font.

My thoughts

I’ve been using the Luxe Nano kit every day for 2 weeks. I’ve also been using different E-liquids in the SKRR-S Mini to see how it performs with different flavours. Every flavour tasted great using both coils in the SKRR-S Mini tank, which have lasted well over both weeks. The coils are big and both wick the juice really well. Cloud and flavour production from the tank is really good.

When first opening the kit and I was surprised how small the Luxe Nano actually is. For an 80W mod and what it does, it’s size is really good. It looks really sleek and fits well in the pocket. On this shiny Rainbow version, you would think it would be a fingerprint magnet, but it isn’t.

The Luxe Nano is very responsive when pressing the fire button. It is comfortable to use on the vape with either the thumb or index finger. The menu screen is quite easy once you have learnt the way around all of the options. One little niggle is the number of times you have to press buttons to get into the settings; The fire button 3 times, then the menu button on the screen 3 times. I guess it further makes sure that the touchscreen isn’t changed while holding or in transport, so it is a small price to pay for safety.

As far as the built-in battery goes, it holds up pretty well. This is obviously all down to personal vaping amount during the day. It lasts me at least a day (as well as using a pod system alongside) and as soon as the battery is in the red, the power drops somewhat. Charging time is short. Vaporesso’s estimated charge time of 1.5 hours is right and I’ve even been getting full charges in just under an hour.

The SKRR-S Mini tank looks and works well with the Luxe Nano. The tank reminds me a bit of the ‘Baby Beast’ to look at, but this is better with a better juice-fill, better coils and overall flavour.

In my opinion, this kit from Vaporesso bridges a gap between small pod devices and bigger dual battery box mods. It’s small enough to take out and about and still pumps a good amount of power for direct-to-lung vaping. There doesn’t seem so many ‘internal’ battery box mods around these days, so this definitely is a contender for one of the best out at the moment. It is a brilliant kit in all.


  • Comfortable to use and sleek looking.
    Fast charging with pass-through.
    Reactive touchscreen and a nice display.
    Great flavour and clouds from the SKRR-S Mini.


  • A few too many button pushes to access the menu.
    Some vapers may not take to an internal battery (Best to get hold of the standard Luxe if you prefer using external batteries).

You can see details of the Luxe Nano kit by Vaporesso via the links at the start of the review. This review features the Rainbow colour option but you can also purchase other colours in Black, Blue, Red, Bronze and Silver. Each Luxe Nano colour has a different design on the reverse, so check that out before you buy.

You can pick up the Luxe Nano kit at most good online vape stores and the RRP is a very fair price for a nice little kit.

My thanks to Vaporesso and thanks to you for reading!

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2 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    Hi There, I agree with all of your comments with regards to this vape, however I find that the flavour is non existent, which im really sad about and I have always had Vaporesso products. So I was so excited about this one.

    Maybe my settings are not right? who knows but I found it a little disappointing.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rose,

      What I did find (depending on the juice you are using) that after 2 or 3 weeks, the coils gunk up easily and that drops back the flavour quite a bit. I did occasionally soak the coil in water and dry which gives a bit of extra time and flavour.

      I do like the kit a lot and am still using it often.

      I have the Swag II half reviewed at the moment which is another great kit.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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