The Recurve RDA by Wotofo & Mike Vapes

We’re dipping into another bit of vaping hardware today with the Recurve RDA by Wotofo and in-conjunction with Mike Vapes. This is currently a really popular RDA and have been testing this out daily for 3 weeks now, so will give you my thoughts. Wotofo are a hugely popular vaping brand, designing some amazing vaping gear and are based in Shenzhen, China.

The Recurve comes in a shrink-wrapped sealed small cardboard box. The top of the outer carton has a window to view the deck and top cap. This is alongside printed Wotofo, RDA title and Mike Vapes logo on a stripy green and black box colour. The longer sides of the box contain the printed RDA title. The shorter sides contain Wotofo’s website and social media names and on the other side is the barcode and a scratch-to-check authenticity panel. A sticker is also on there with printed colour of the RDA. On the bottom of the box (on the inner carton) is a lot of printed information. This includes details of everything inside the box, warnings and Wotofo’s branding. The packaging is very bright and modern, set around the Wotofo bright Green and Black, with a good clear window to see the RDA inside.

Inside the box (by sliding off the outer carton) reveals a felted top layer. In that, is the RDA cap with drip tip, the main deck, another spare opaque drip tip and a 510 adaptor. Lifting that layer reveals the instruction booklet alongside the accessories. The accessories consist of a small screwdriver and three Wotofo printed bags. One of the bags includes 3 compwire coils, the other bag has some cotton and the last bag includes spare O-rings, screws, allen keys and 510 pin.

Before using the RDA, two points (at least on this RDA) need to be noted. The first being that the squonk pin is installed onto the 510 base. I don’t intend to use this on a squonker at the moment, so needed to swap it out for the other pin in the accessories bag. An easy mistake for some people to make is to throw it onto a non-squonk mod and ply the deck with juice without checking first. The second point is that the top cap is very tight when taking off and putting back onto the deck and definitely needs some E-liquid on the O-rings first. Two minor points and far from deal-breakers, but worth considering before using the RDA.

The Recurve is 24mm and takes a single coil. The deck is nice and spacey to fit a large coil size on a postless deck design. Airflow is via six small holes either side on the deck which match up with the same holes each side on the top cap of the RDA. This can be used to adjust some airflow through these air holes with placement of the top cap. Putting a coil in is easy by placing the coil legs into two of the four holes on the deck. The legs are then screwed in on the sides byย  Phillips headed screws. A screwdriver for this is in the box. Wicking the coil is easy having plenty of room on the deck and the juice-well is quite ample enough to get E-liquid soaked into the wick.

A feature that the Recurve has that I haven’t used on a RDA before is a locking function on the top cap. If you screw it a quarter or so of a turn, it will lock the cap onto the deck, lining up the air holes. Another small screw round the other way unlocks the cap to take off.

On the vape, it is a superb RDA. For me, with all the air holes open, it gives a smooth perfect airflow. The flavour it produces is amazing. I’ve paired it with a quality fused Clapton coil with a 0.6 ohm rating and the taste and cloud production is perfect. The curve of the top cap makes it look quite unique compared to other RDA’s. Mike Vapes recently released a video saying a new 22mm top cap will be available, so if the larger curvy top cap isn’t for you, this could be an option.ย  The wide resin 810 drip tip is comfortable, and if not using on a squonk mod, is easy to just drip E-liquid down the middle instead of removing the RDA sleeve. I don’t vape at really high wattages but at the normal level, I don’t find that that the cap or tip gets hot. All in all, a really good collaboration between Mike and Wotofo and after using this, its clearย  why this RDA is really popular. It does live up to its hype in my opinion.

My score:
Flavour: 9.6/10
Cloud production: 9.7/10
Ease of Coiling: 9.4/10
Design: 9.3/10
Accessories supplied: 9.5/10

You can purchase the Wotofo Recurve via the links at the start of the review or click below to visit the Wotofo website. The colours available are Black, Stainless, Gun Metal, Blue, Gold and Rainbow. With the Recurve being probably the most popular RDA at the time of writing, you could pick this up from most vape outlets too.

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