Marshmallow² by Aureum Vape Co

We’re doing a review this afternoon on another E-liquid from Aureum, this is Marshmallow² by Auream Vape Co. This was supplied by Hand Picked Vapes who are a company based in London, UK. They started the business last year and offer bespoke E-liquid collections. You can buy complete ranges to separate bottles at a great price, or opt to buy their Hand picked selected boxes containing a few different brands. Gift box packing is also offered, which is a brilliant idea to treat a vaper you know. Look out on the blog in the next few days for a review on one of those.

Marshmallow² is in a 60ml short-fill unicorn bottle, with 50ml of zero Nicotine E-liquid. You can top up to 3mg Nicotine with the supplied 10ml Nicotine shot, which is currently free on the Hand Picked Vapes website for a limited time. A light blue label wraps the bottle with a design of a man with red glasses and bow tie. The usual warnings appear on the label alongside the ingredients and the ratio of 70VG/30PG . The bottle cap is the usual child safety screw top and the bottle is tough plastic, but really easy to squeeze juice from.

Marshmallow² is described on the Hand Picked Vapes website as; So you got the cereal out of the cupboard and there was no milk in the fridge. You used Marshmallow instead…StickyThis liquid will have you from the moment the smell of gooey breakfast cereal breaks free. A puffed rice bar with milky marshmallow might come to mind. Thick, satisfying, very comforting vapour. Sweetest of the Aureum Vape collection, still a well-balanced all day vape. On smelling from the bottle, there is a deep and creamy Marshmallow scent. I am not picking up on any cereal by smell so we’ll see how it vapes.

Device used: Yihi SX Mini G Class and Wotofo Nudge RDA with 0.6 ohm coil.

On the vape, it’s a rich sweet Marshmallow with some cereal taste in the background. I don’t taste too much Cereal, as the gooey and sweet Marshmallow is definitely the leader here. It could be that some of the Cereal has steeped out a bit over time. I also pick up on some Vanilla in amongst the sweetness. It does taste quite like one of those Squared ‘Rice Krispie’ type cakes stuck together with some gooey Marshmallow. It is a sweet and moreish juice, and I do like it, despite not as much of the Cereal taste as expected. It could be an all day vape for those that like it sweet. Cloud production is good at 70VG and there isn’t any harshness to the E-liquid.

My score: 8.7/10 – A nice rich Marshmallow with some Cereal thrown in.

You can purchase Marshmallow² at the links (in the opening of review) at Hand Picked Vapes for £12.99 for 50ml. At time of writing, there is a free 3mg shot you can add to order. The liquid also can be bought as a collection as the link above.

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